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Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna’s New Nation album is now available on CD Baby, and on iTunes store. This article explains how you can buy the album and download it on CD Baby.

Note: It is recommended that you use a computer system or laptop to buy and download the album.

  1. Open your web browser (Internet explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari etc.)
  2. In the address bar, type in:
  3. Press the Enter/Return key or click on Go.
  4. The page that comes up next should look like what is displayed below:Chris Delvan Gwamna - New Nation Album
  5. Next click on the bluish button with “Download $9.99” written on it. The next screen that comes up is this: Chris Delvan Gwamna - New Nation Album
  6. Next click on the Checkout button as displayed in the figure above. The next screen that shows up will require that you sign in if you a registered CD baby customer or register if you are a new CD baby customer. Chris Delvan Gwamna - New Nation Album
  7. Next select your billing method. Choose Credit Card (to use Master/VISA card), Paypal (if you have a Paypal account) or Mail In. Chris Delvan Gwamna - New Nation Album
  8. After paying, an email containing the download link is being sent into your email. Click on the link which will redirect you back to CD baby website Chris Delvan Gwamna - New Nation Album
  9. On the CD baby website, click the Download button (as show in the picture below) to initiate the download of the New Nation album Chris Delvan Gwamna - New Nation Album

Note: The downloaded album comes in a zipped (compressed) format. All you need to do is to unzip/extract and you can start playing the New Nation album.

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16 Comments on “Buy New Nation from CD Baby

  1. “…We are not afraid because we will never ever know defeat…we are a generation who live ahead of our time we leave in this world by the powers of the age to come…” The album is loaded ! I am blessed.

  2. I have been mightily blessed by this album as well as all the albums by Pastor Chris Delvan,the songs are so powerful that I keep them on repeat so that I can nourish my spirit.God richly bless you sir for being a vessel unto honor,we await the launching of New Nation in the UK

  3. May the Lord bless you and keep you sir, your songs have always been a spiritual nourishment, and I’ve always held you in great esteem as my mentor. Dominus vobiscum (meaning the Lord be with you)

  4. You are truly a blessing to our generation. I have been listening to your songs more than 20 years and I tell you, it’s spirit filling. The Lord bless you.

  5. The lord is Great giving You to Us, we Desire in the Western part of the country that you come to influence us with your Making. Time is going Sir. We are ALWAYS blessed by your Ministrations. MORE OF GOD!!!

  6. You are indeed a blessing to our generation. May the Lord preserve and keep you steadfast. More grace to you sir.

  7. I am here in South Korea and each day I keep thanking God for that track “greatest of them all”.

    I am blessed to have you in our generation sir. Let the youths learn to live only by the dictates of God’s Spirit

  8. I call him my father.
    He makes me long for more of God’s word
    Pray to seat under your ministry one day.

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