Arewa Christian Initiative

Arewa Christian Initiative (ACI) is the umbrella under which everything we do oscillates. The word Arewa means North in Hausa language. The concept is simple - ACI is a Northern Christian initiative which is:

  • a building ministry,
  • a teaching ministry, and
  • a continuing ministry.

We acknowledge that fathers have planted, others have watered, weeded and nourished. Historically speaking, we are standing up in our time to add to what has already been done while we look forward to the increase that God is going to bring. A generation without a sense of its history is doomed to failure, cacophony and irrelevance.

ACI is founded upon the following premises that:

  • non-indigenes have laboured in bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to Northern Nigeria. However for the Kingdom to Advance, the indigenes of Arewa - the North (of Nigeria) must arise to take the baton in championing its cause.
  • as the Lord has sworn saying: I will not rest until your righteousness goes forth (Isaiah 62:1), even so we have sworn that until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord takes over the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14) we will not rest.
  • a revival is coming upon the face of the earth in which Nigeria as a nation and geopolitical entity has a key role to play. The catalyst for this revival is Northern Nigeria.
  • the many minority groups of Northern Nigeria united under the banner of Christ is a formidable force for this revival, bringing the advancement of the Kingdom.
  • about 10 to 20 million Christians in Arewa communicate in Hausa as their lingua franca and mostly use materials in the Hausa language. With a host of Bible versions and commentaries translated in Hausa and given them, alongside the bible in written and audio formats in Hausa, they will be well equipped.
  • the Hausa language though used as a tool for discrimination against the minority groups of Northern Nigeria, is a flaw in the armour of Satan that must be exploited. This is because the Hausa language is spoken across a wide belt of West Africa, spreading into North and Eastern Africa, and the Middle East. This will be used as a bridge for the spread of the Word into these unreached areas.
  • Jesus is the Authentic Lord of the whole earth - including Northern Nigeria.