House of Jeduthun

A meaningful Prophetic movement is one that has its priorities properly set out according to the mind of the Spirit. You cannot claim to be Prophetic or Apostolic when your priorities are misplaced.

Who would listen to a man who “merely” claims to have been recovered and restored by God? Understandably so, because recovery and restoration happen in the closet and must be seen outwardly, such was the story of Chris Delvan Gwamna, the psalmist of the house. Hence the birthing of HOUSE OF JEDUTHUN, a medium of showcasing the restoration via the instrumentality of the Word in songs, thereby instructing the Church. Since then, there has been release of songs of Zion through house of Jeduthun. This in turn is bringing about the recovery of nations. House of Jeduthun was the beginning, in priority of a major revival.

Why the name “House of Jeduthun?” You might wonder. From the word House, we can infer the figure of a father and his sons. The original order of worship that David instituted was divided into three houses, namely Asaph, Jeduthun and Korah (1 Chronicles 25:6-7). This is clearly opposed to the show-man star syndrome of our day.

The house of Korah kept gates of the Temple. The House of Jeduthun was the ones at the place of sacrifice; while the House of Asaph sounded the high cymbals before the ark. This order of division connotes a progressive ascent in the believer’s relationship with God.

Therefore, the HOUSE OF JEDUTHUN is an encouragement, an invitation to an ever ascending walk with God, such that you never “arrive”. There is only a continuum, just like Enoch walked with God until he was no more (Genesis 5:24); Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:11); and Jesus ascended up to heaven in a cloud (Luke 24:51). That is how the walk with God is. That is what the House of Jeduthun stands for.

The House of Jeduthun as instituted by David played the stringed instrument. One reason for the name HOUSE OF JEDUTHUN is not far from this. We also play the stringed instruments, however with a sound understanding that it does not necessarily mean the guitar or any other instrument. The Bible refers to the heart as having reins – “the Lord tries the reins of the heart” (Jeremiah 11:20). In other words, He pluck them, and that is how He knows the content, whether it is of death or of life. Therefore we sing songs in the key of life. And when we do, you can clearly tell death from life and make the right choices.

Furthermore, there was only one song: for the Lord is good and His mercies endures forever. This song is a testimonial. Therefore, House of Jeduthun is an invitation to a life f being under the burden of testimony. In this house, we believe that every believer that walked with God is under the curse of testifying about the Lord’s goodness, and blessed with the blessing of testifying of the Lord’s goodness. If this not the song or testimony of your life, the House of Jeduthun is postured to get your attention to one song of Zion, and there begins your testimony.

HOUSE OF JEDUTHUN is music to every ear. We capitalize on the fact that the string of music is one language that the whole world hears. When Saul the son of Kish saw a band of prophets coming down from the holy place, what He saw was a minstrel still carrying the aroma of that place. He was simply sucked in and engulfed in the same Spirit (1 Samuel 10:10).

And so in the House of Jeduthun, we say we are coming, this is because from the foregoing prophetic songs and music a master key in the endtime prophetic moves of the gospel. We are going to win nations in worship, that we would never have been able to access through the direct teaching of the Word of God. And we will not stop until every line of scripture has been sung in song. You can sing the entire bible from one song to another, from Genesis to Revelation. “For the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever”. That is House of Jeduthun.