MetaHost Partnerships

We believe that Jesus did not come to build a mega church. He came to build a Meta church. META- means change, quality; while HOST means an army – He (El-Sabaoth) is the Lord of host. That’s the birth of METAHOST PARTNERSHIPS.

It is a partnership, understanding that we are one body, various parts; but no part constitutes a body on its own. The nose, ear, hand, etc must recognize their partnership; else they cannot bring about the needed change. Thus, we partner for the propagation of the gospel, the mandate that the Lord has put upon the shoulders of His servant – Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna. We are joint heirs with Jesus the Son and with one another. So we join forces and resources by way of spiritual contributions: prayer, material, mental, financial (different from tithes and offerings) etc, all towards the pursuit of this Meta vision.

The church is supposed to be a catalyst for change, a metamorphosis. Metahost Partnerships is a global call, an invitation, a database, a galvanization and a coalition of all that have drank out of the life and ministries of Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna, the leading partner; all those who cry for the needed change and revival in the body of Christ. Metahost Partnerships garners together all those who are redeemed of the Lord, longing for the increase of His kingdom; all those disillusioned with ‘church’ and feel that the ‘church’ has not made a meta impact as possibly would have, given the vast resources that the church has; those looking for powerful, veritable true platforms to express God-given gifts are all called into Metahost Partnerships.

Metahost Partnerships war for change. We move into cities and eat up the foundation and turn it to dust; the existing superstructures collapse; mountains are brought down; valleys are elevated Isaiah 40:4; we have brought change. Through us, the Lord cause the lands to become plain; deserts become green-land; grasslands become forest; unhealthy streams healed; we have brought change. All the way, change is our war song, for the kingdoms of this world must become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. Revelation 11:15.
It is a Meta change, a Metaforce (the original name God gave us). It’s a Metahost. That’s who we are. The Lord is with us, He has made every resource available - money cannot fail us, nations cannot refuse us, classes and strata of people cannot reject us, no religion can fend us off, God is for us. He is our greatest resource and our ultimate secret. The Lord is our final secret. Hallelujah!