Pisgah is the media arm of the Chris Delvan Gwamna Ministries International. It is our lookout post,  our watchtower, just as Moses stood on mount Pisgah and was able to access the whole land and drew out partitions so is our media outpost. It is a platform that gives us access to the nations. We believe that if we harness the media, we have a medium for disseminating information. We acknowledge what various churches have done so far: their attempts at passing customized information through newsletters, books, etc mainly showcasing events and happenings in their local assemblies which merely serve as an invitation for people to join. PISGAH aims at building on that while introducing a holistic approach - a media platform that must cut across every church barrier, denomination, tribe and race on the planet. We must reach out through the print and electronic media to all people of the earth in accordance with the mandate given us by the Lord to baptize every nation. We ask ourselves this question: is it possible for a whole nation to be baptized? Yes! We also ask: how do we go about baptizing the nation? The answer is PISGAH. We believe we can re-educate a nation through the media. We have taken years re-sounding the doctrine so when we speak, we speak things we have proven and are very certain about. We are teaming up with the Grassroots News - the media arm of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) which has stations in over 170 countries. This avails us the opportunity to reach out to the ends of the earth. We have the advantage of getting accurate and timely accounts. Our newspaper can be read daily in at least forty nations. As events occur and unfold around the world, accurate accounts can be streamed through our correspondents. This makes up a global media. We believe in totality that PISGAH is a powerful voice on earth.