The New Life Pastoral Care Centre

The New Life Pastoral Care Centre (NLPCC) is a ministry under the Chris Delvan Gwamna Ministries International aimed at modelling an ideal local assembly with the mandate of being an educational centre for:

  • nurturing
  • discipleship
  • redefinition and
  • revival

As a Nurturing Centre, the New Life Pastoral Centre is where fingerlings are born, nurtured into maturity and then released into streams.

We believe that the entry point is - you must be born again because no one can see this Kingdom let alone enter it without being born-again. This is the fingerling stage. However, it is imperative to raise these into maturity where they can articulate the culture of the Kingdom as a son, so they can shoulder responsibilities and accurately represent the Kingdom.

As a Discipleship Centre, we believe Jesus did not come for a church with many members  but a church of disciples. The assignment He gave to the church is nothing else but to make disciples of every nation baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

We believe that discipleship entails flesh rubbing against flesh as brethren interact. This brings frictions so the church must learn to surmount offence and move forward, which could become a veritable tool when she faces war. We also believe that every disciple is the mouthpiece of the Kingdom. Hence, in raising disciples, we would demystify the so-called “ministry” syndrome where ministry is regarded as owning a business or an organization. We would rather emphasize ministry as the way of life of a disciple, thereby making every believer a platform for Kingdom advancement.

It therefore becomes our mandate at the NLPC to trumpet it until a generation arises that would recognize that discipleship is the secret to ending these inter-personal feuds and allowing Jesus to take pre-eminence because He is head over all things. Hence, as a core drive, the centre will inculcate into every disciple the truth that they already have the responsibility of moving God’s Kingdom from wherever they are in line with the mandate in Matthew 28:19 (KJV), Go ye therefore, and teach all nations (whole earth), baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost bearing in mind that the “whole earth” for us is the earth to which he has sent us.

We at the NLPC are also raising ministers that would evacuate the earth of Satan’s influences and establish the presence of the Father by discipleship as we deemphasize the academics and enforce spiritual fellowship.

Also, NLPC is the epicentre of a vortex, a major movement and release in songs, and word through all kinds of media so that the earth and other assemblies would hook up with what God is doing and be propelled at the same speed because every song is a revelation that sucks you deep into the heart of the Father.

Therefore, worship and prayer are to be the too major pillars upon which every church must stand because the redeemed of the Lord must return with joy and singing.

Mindful of the fact that in the discuss of Christ and his apostles, one major feature of the end time has been error, the onus is on the church to expose error and reveal the truth for people to embrace. As such, the NLPC is a Centre for Redefinition – redefining every doctrinal premise that we have held until the sons rediscover what the fathers once knew. That means, we would find the truth, stick to it and hold on to it unrepentantly, as therein lies our satisfaction. We will however not end there, but the truth we find must be the pillar for generations until it becomes a law, because every truth obeyed to the third generation becomes a law and it cannot be commuted.

In line with the end time prophetic mandate, the NLPC is a Revival centre where people walk in and are ignited, also where people who are already on fire are fanned to become larger flames.

These are our core believes and we believe that nothing can be done on behalf of Jesus except it is propelled by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks nothing other than the word of God because it is the sword of the Spirit.

Hence, the NLPC also becomes an Educational Centre – concentrating on the new deal that God has with the church and its people. Since He said I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail, we can reverse the gains of the gates of hell if we become His church.

Therefore, our mandate in the New Life Pastoral Centre as a local assembly is to be an exciting place of disseminating the word of God until everybody is excited to find out this word for themselves and not legislatedly. The simple teaching of the word and the excitement of bringing out revelatory truth would stir up hunger in the heart of every soul and kindle them like never before to advance. When the excitement of this revelatory truth, which is real truth, is revealed, it becomes the driving force of men.